About Us

GFLOKI is an innovative AI Rebase token. AI automatically calculates the most reasonable increase and can passively reward $DOGE coins. The earlier the purchase time, the longer the token holding time, the higher the proportion of dividends. This combination of AI Rebase and Passive Dividend rewards is a new combination on the Binance Smart Chain, which will break all leaderboards!

There is a limited quantity you can purchase. These offers are updated daily and can end soon!

The great Musk has recently fallen in love with Genshin, and Floki is a new pet adopted by Musk. Before that, Floki had been wandering around looking for food and shelter with the spirit of persistence and non-giving up. After adoption, I watched Musk play the game Genshin every day. After a long time, the smart Floki was also infected by the charm of Genshin, so GenshinFloki, who inherited the charm and wisdom of the great dog king, has arrived. SET SLIPPAGE 12%